Learning ACT from within with the ACT question

Description: This is an experiential workshop, in which our self-exploration will be guided by the ACT question. This question encapsulates the ACT model and offers us a compass for our therapeutic stance and interventions as well as a compass for living and interacting with others.

[The ACT question: Given a distinction between you and the experiences you are struggling with, are you willing to have these experiences, fully and without defense, as they are, and not as they say they are, and do what takes you in the direction, of your chosen values, at this time, in this situation?

Educational objectives:

1. Building a conceptual understanding of the different elements in the ACT question.

2. Building an Experiential understanding of the ACT question through self-exploration, guided by ACT question meditation. 

3. Practicing the use of the ACT question as a therapeutic compass in role/real plays.

Program outline:

1. Delivering a conceptual explanation of the different elements in the ACT question

2. Delivering an experiential taste of the ACT question through guided ACT question meditation

3. Demonstration of the use of the ACT question in a therapeutic dialog


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Ran Almog

I am a clinical psychologist in private practice in Tel Aviv. I practice ACT for 15 years as my main psychotherapeutic orientation. My ACT teaching is informed by my theoretical knowledge, by my clinical experience and by my long-time spiritual practice in non-dual meditation.